Liechtenstein : An application

Sunday, November 27, 2005, posted by jon at 12:53 AM | 0 comments

Dear kind reader,

I realised pretty early on in this endeavour that my own country, Great Britain, is rather unlikely to give me a place at their Olympic table. Whilst a small nation, we rather punch above our weight sport-wise, which means that the British Olympic Association are unlikely to drop their standards and offer me a place.

My thoughts were that a smaller nation might be a better option and Liechtenstein, with it's sub 50k population seemed a fair choice.

I wrote :

"Dear Sir/Madam

I've read your website with interest and scoured the internet for additional Liechtenstein resouces and have been delighted with what I have learnt. Liechtenstein is clearly a delightful and beautiful country. I've read with interest about your sporting excellence, particularly in winter sports, but have noticed an opportunity for your country : summer olympic sports. I'm a keen sportsman and would like to compete for your country in the future. I realise that as a UK citizen, this is somewhat unusual situation, but I'd welcome your views as to how I might go about this.

With high regards for you and your country, Jonathan"

Liechtenstein, apart from being one of only two doubly land-locked countries in the world is not reknowned for it's sporting prowess. I figured that there was a chance that I was already Liechtentstein's best archer if only they'd give me the chance.

So, the journey has started, we're on the move.


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