The start of the journey

Friday, November 25, 2005, posted by jon at 11:29 AM | 0 comments

Here goes nothing eh?

2 months ago, whilst I was curiously sober, an idea came to me : Why not compete at the Olympics in London? Those of you who have seen this less-than-fine athlete will know that sporting prowess is not really my thing. But come now, it's 7 years away isn't it. Is it possible for someone to train and get to a high standard of international competition in 7 years? I have no idea, but we'll soon find out.

So, my mission : to compete at the 2012 Olympics. Watch this space and follow the journey to London.

Immediate help required : A sport, a coach, equipment, a country and plenty of sponsorship, all of which will be given to charity. Keep coming back.


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