2012OC phrase enters consciousness

Monday, December 12, 2005, posted by jon at 4:14 PM | 0 comments

A week or so ago, I adopted the phrase "Leotard Sports" to describe those sports that one would, traditionally, adopt the leotard as attire. They're not an attractive set of sports since the leotard is not an attractive piece of clothing and particularly so on men.

However, reader, one of your brethren stumbled across these pages by searching for "leotard sports" in a search engine. I'm delighted. I've never knowingly created a phrase before save for "pong and niff", used to describe the smells a cat (well my cat) is known to make. I fear I've over stepped the line of familiarity.

In other news, I'm now in training - for what I don't know.


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