2012OC Slogan Contest

Friday, December 09, 2005, posted by jon at 12:01 PM | 0 comments

In the early hours of the morning, when this particular wouldbe athlete-cum-shopkeeper was opening up for business, inspiration was pretty short. The artwork that now glistens joyfully on mugs and fitted tees was rather too quick in the making.

However, a helpful Washington state correspondent who was up when the shop opened its doors, has kicked off preceedings with a suggestion for new graphics. Do you have ideas too? Sure you do! Click the comment button and let me know. Best one in the eyes of the judges (me, or Jacques Rogge, all depends), will be produced and made available for purchase.

My current shop is based in the US as you may have noticed. The obvious advantage of good value given to the exchange rate is beautifully balanced by the cost of shipping, however, I will be opening a UK shop in due course. News on that later.

What thingst thee of the new sidebar stuff?

Coming soon : 2012, the eBay auction.


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