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'Arras! Yep, you gottitain't ya? 'Arras! Bow n 'Arras!

When I was at school, in 6th form (16-18years old for non-UK readers), our common room as delightfully equipped with a table-tennis table and a dartboard. Most free periods, when we should have been studying, were spent honing our pub sport skills. Or something.

As a result, I left school with 4 good A-Levels, a steady darts arm and a mean table-tennis backhand. Not all of these worthy qualifications feature on my resume.

But one eloquent correspondent noted that darts could possibly be an exhibition , or possibly a full on sport for the 2012 Olympics. What do you know! A sport that I've actually got experience at?

Will Killer Darts be one of the legitimate disciplines?
Will all competitors have to have a nickname?

- Jon "The Geologist" Arras-Thrower.


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