Belize Belies Belief

Thursday, December 15, 2005, posted by jon at 1:36 PM | 0 comments

Sometimes, I just get swept away on a moment and feel compelled to act. For reasons unbeknownst to be, the country of Belize popped to mind today and as a result, they recieved my first application for an Olympic place of the week.

I found the email addresses of both the Prime Minister (Mr Said Musa) and of the rather young looking Minister of Education and Sports, Mr Cordel Hyde. The email was dispatched earlier today so we can all look forward to their response. Readers, I don't think I speak out of turn when I say that Belize is a beautiful country, English speaking, warm, friendly and with a small population which makes it near perfect for my mission.

I've looked up their Olympic record and it's not exactly flush with medals - in fact, Belize hasn't won a single summer or winter medal in all their years. Perfect - could I be the fellow for them?

On a related but tangental subject, what about Equestrian sports? Is it not a matter of getting a big strong horse and holding on tight?

Readers wishing to catch up on the adventures of King Zog and Albania may have to wait a little longer for the much heralded essay. Sorry. A bit.


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