Forget Albania, here's Skeleton

Monday, December 12, 2005, posted by jon at 11:05 AM | 4 comments

Readers still intrigued by my forthcoming essay on Albania will have to wait on just a little while longer sadly. For today, I write to introduce a new sport to you : Skeleton.

Skeleton is a tray and ice based Olmypic sport which essentially involves the poor unfortunate hurtling downhill at horrendous speeds. It's presumably called Skeleton due to the high numbers of deaths - especially on first attempts. Those that survive often become so well versed in the preceedings at A&E (ER) rooms that they have little plaques on the waiting room seats : "Jon's Seat : Plaster of Paris Professional" mine would read.

According to the Wall Street Journal no less, the sport comprises one-third aerodynamics and one-third steering. The mathematicians amongst you will spot that there's a missing third there - I shudder to think what's missing.

Encouragingly, Skeleton requires minimal athletic prowess and very little stamina which makes it rather perfect for this particular competitor. Further, it appears that nations are looking everywhere for warm-bodies to compete in this sport. Even world-class sliders acknowledge that there really isn't much to this game beyond bravery.

I have that.

Unfortunately, Skeleton is perfect save for the fact that it's a Winter sport and I was trying to compete at the 2012 Summer games. However reader, what do you think? Should I consider the 2010 Winter games too and try to compete at both?

- J


  • On the plus side you'd get to wear a sexy little rubber number!

    By Blogger k_sra, at 2:37 PM  

  • You should compete in both. 2010 would be good practice for 2012. Assuming, of course, you survive.

    By Blogger Worldgineer, at 2:59 PM  

  • Given there is a street version now available:

    I think if you do well at the Winter Olympics, you could lobby for the sport to be included in the Summer Olympics, too.

    Oh, btw, skeleton is short for skeleton bobsleigh, so presumably it refers to bobsleigh being a skeleton, rather than the sledder.

    By Anonymous DrCurry, at 3:56 PM  

  • I almost went to a traning camp in Germany for Skeleton about 5 years ago, wished I'd gone now. There is quite a bit of skill involved, watch the coverage on Eurosport and you'll see just how techincal it is.

    It just look so good on TV

    By Anonymous mspoke, at 7:13 PM  

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