Leotard sports, the sequel

Tuesday, December 06, 2005, posted by jon at 5:20 PM | 0 comments

A rather general question I know, but why is it that some sports utilise the (jean-christophe) Leotard and some plain old shorts?

Dear reader, you know my aversion to the leotard - the arguement has been well rehearsed on these pages already, but this has not stopped a recent correspondent suggesting another leotard sport : shot-put.

Worldgineer writes, "Shot put. That's where the action's at. You pick up a rock, you throw it". Very little argueing with that standpoint is there? And, let's be frank here, I do have some experience of rock-chucking. As a child I was certainly known for picking up stones and throwing them, but Olympic quality boulder-lobbing is surely another matter.

Worldgineer also notes, interestingly, that the early Olympics were all male, all naked affairs. I too have experience in this regard, but I'm not prepared to demonstrate this to the world at large and, although they don't know it, I've really saved them some pain.

But I can't shy away from the fact that the shot is another leotard sport which leaves me a little cold. I have to admit though that other than the costume, this sporting choice has legs, so I fear I must include it in my sporting disciplines list.

Shot-put. Added. Thanks.


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