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Monday, December 05, 2005, posted by jon at 8:54 AM | 1 comments

Some reasonable news at last.

Sealand have not rejected my application outright and instead have opted for a "let's have a look atcha then" kind of approach. My inbox this morning contained this reply

"Dear Sir (actually, I added that bit, otherwise it might appear curt and I'm sure that's not what they meant),

Many thanks for your interest and recent e-mail to the Principality.

We are in the process of attempting registration with the IOC and will keep your offer in mind; meantime you might wish to make formal application by post [our address is below] and enclose a full cv setting out your experience so that we may further assess your candidacy.

Chief of Bureau

Bureau of Internal Affairs
Principality of Sealand

Ah ha! So, they don't have official recognition from the IOC as I suspected, but at least they're ahead of the game and are actively seeking registration. Great news.

On the downside, they do wish to assess my candidacy by reading my CV. I'll share a secret with you - in not one paragraph of my CV does it mention my latent athletic prowess, so unless they also need a project manager, reading my CV is not really going to help. Of course I'll send a CV!

Ooo, and Sealand? Thanks.


  • excellent news! they don't mention a time frame for sending in your CV so I reckon wait a while until you're a better candidate. In the mean time, perhaps being a vocal advocate, and setting up a global campaign to support Sealand's Olympic plan might just do the trick.

    By Anonymous neilp, at 10:55 AM  

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