Shove Ha'Penny

Friday, December 09, 2005, posted by jon at 4:08 PM | 2 comments

Some older readers of this journal have clocked the image on the left there and have let out a collective nostalgic "aaahh", shortly accompanied by a "I remember those" and followed up with the inevitable "I remember when you could buy a rambling 10 bedroom pile in Dorset for three of them". Old people. Love 'em.

Shove Halfpenny, oft-writ as Shove Ha'Penny (and always pronounced "hayp-knee") is a bar game that used to employ the pre-decimal coin shown above and a graduated board. The player would have to shove the coin along the board, whereupon it's landing spot corresponded to a given score. Or similar.

Tragically, however good the game is, it's not an Olympic sport and very unlikely to be due to the global fascination with decimalisation and inflation* which has rendered this coin obsolete and worthless (although not necessarily in that order) and it's clear that you couldn't play with any other coin. Could you?

On the Olympic sporting front, the country:sport matrix is now ready for populating. We're soon to start our collective research country by country. Albania first.

- J

* Lies, all lies! Sorry, I've misled you. Is it only me that wishes to pronounce the word misled as "mizzelled"? Can't quite get my head around it.


  • Just and idea, but this page on the London2012 website may help you "Find your perfect Olympic sport"?

    By Blogger Dub, at 4:52 PM  

  • Mizzled: how you feel when you've just been misled.

    "I was quite mizzled about the whole thing until Jerry bought me a beer."

    By Blogger k_sra, at 2:41 PM  

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