New Location

Sunday, January 29, 2006, posted by jon at 12:59 PM | 0 comments

Hi all.

My relationship with this interface has exhausted itself. If you've navigated here directly, please now set your sights here:


archery at lord's

Monday, January 23, 2006, posted by jon at 4:49 PM | 4 comments

If you're a fan of cricket, which almost certainly requires you to be a resident of the UK or a former member of the British empire, then you'll know that mere mortals never get to play on the hallowed ground that is Lord's. Home of cricket. Home of marvellous, English (and Welsh) cricket.

But those Olympians reading and writing, could have their chance. You may choose to take up the leather on willow sport of gentlemen, compete for your village, win through countless rounds and end up playing a final on the green lush grass.

Alternatively, you could choose like me to pick up a bow and arrow, practise for 6 years, convince a country to give you both citizenship and a place on their Olympic team and compete at Archery in the 2012 Olympics.

So, archery is looking rather favourable - it's a skill based sport, involves little pain, is manageable in 6 years and will be held at Lord's.

- J

sir steve redgrave cbe emails ...

Monday, January 16, 2006, posted by jon at 12:57 PM | 6 comments

What a lovely surprise in my inbox this morning. Sir Steve Redgrave, him of the 5 gold medals at 5 different games, kindly passed on his encouragement via email writing

"... wish you the very best of luck with your fundraising ... look forward to seeing you compete at the Olympics in 2012".

Well, that is nice. I was having a shocking day up until then.

Thanks Steve, I wish you all the best too. Do stay in touch!

- J

new year, new graphics

Sunday, January 15, 2006, posted by jon at 8:14 PM | 0 comments

Good evening to you all. Those readers who have been popping by during the day may have noticed the odd change occuring. (I'm hoping that you considered them odd as a synonym for infrequent). Most of the work is now complete save for wiring up the new menu to some content - I hope you'll forgive me if I leave that for another day.

Why the change? A good question - I could have certainly used the time today more profitably, like, for example, getting some archery practise in.

A website called which is dedicated to the London bid and subsequent games warned me of possible legal action for any website that infringes the rather stringent rules surrounding Olympic logos. The official London site makes direct reference to the fact that London is "obliged to protect the Olympic Marks in order to raise the funds needed to host the 2012 Games". I'm not a lawyer, but I'm sure that's code for "I'll sue you, your wife and your donkey Gerald for all your collective worth." I personally don't want to lose my house so a minor alteration to remove the rings seemed pertinent. I hope you don't mind.

All this work did detract from my letter writing, which is long due to be the done. Sorry, it'll just have to wait.

- J

venn diagram the sports

Wednesday, January 11, 2006, posted by jon at 10:07 PM | 0 comments

My journey from office back home takes 2 hours - it's not that the traffic is particularly bad, it's more to do with the fact that I live 110miles (180km) from work. No sympathy required. It does however allow plenty of time for thought and for catching up with friends on the phone as I go.

One such caller today was Nigel, a thoroughly top fellow who has recently taken to reading these pages. Nigel was suprised at my current list of sports for consideration and was concerned that I'd not given it quite enough thought yet. He was concerned that some of my sports could result in some personal injury.

In truth, I think Nigel was trying to be kind and trying to warn me away from Greco-Roman wrestling. He's seen me in the office and I think the vision of me-in-leotard was frightening even he, a friend. He warned me about "danger", "pain", "twisted limbs" when I think, secretly, he was most concerned about "leotard", "LEOtard" and "LEOTARD".

Anyway, I can see through the veiled warnings about dangerous Olympic sports. But it does appear that a quick Venn diagram might not be a bad step : All sports, Sports that I can do in 7 years time, Sports that are dangerous. From this, I mentally worked out that Archery and Shooting might still be go-ers. I'm informed that when you play with a county-standard player (such as Nigel - show off), a table-tennis ball can sting, but rarely draws blood.

Wise words.

artistry with cups

Monday, January 09, 2006, posted by jon at 3:15 PM | 3 comments

One of my regular correspondents has drawn my attention to the remarkable skills of one Emily Fox, of location unknown. Thanks to the genii of the boys from Google, news of her undoubted skills can be spread to the world. And dear readers, this is pretty remarkable.

It is suggested that cup-stacking might in the future become an Olympic sport. If it were, I would suggest that it could be both a speed event [set moves against the clock] and also an artistic sport [artistry with cups, points for flair, fewer cups wins].

Be it the speed or the artistic event, I've got my work cut out for Emily Fox is the Roi Renard - I've watched the video several times now and I just can't quite fathom how she's doing it. But this rather matters not.

Click and enjoy

Of course, regular readers will know that nominations for new sports for 2012 have now closed, but there's always the 2016 games to consider.

- J

2012OC, ambassador mcIlroy to south america

Thursday, January 05, 2006, posted by jon at 9:38 AM | 4 comments

A regular reader has recently embarqued on a 3 month tour of South America, taking in all the continent has to offer. Whilst her main mission (I'm told) is to improve her Spanish and complete some voluntary work, it's clear that she's also doing a little 2012OC scouting work.

She writes, "The national sports here are, and you have a choice of two, Bull Fighting and Cock Fighting", which is good to know. Bull fighting is not the kind of sport that one would like to practice at - I mean, surely you wouldn't want to face an angry bull when not fully competant. And as for the cocks - I guess they look after themselves.

Ambassador McIlroy is also doing her best to tick of various South American countries on the map for me too, thus ensuring that I get complete worldwide coverage for the story. Keep up the good work Ambassador!

- J

donations now accepted online

Wednesday, January 04, 2006, posted by jon at 1:47 PM | 0 comments

Happy New Year to you all - welcome back.

Some correspondents have been generous enough to offer a few pounds or dollars, to either humour me or encourage me along the route to success. As of today, there is a new simple way to donate money towards the cause.

Via Just Giving you can now donate using your credit card. All the money raised via this site will go directly to Oxfam's excellent worldwide projects - a truely worthy charity. Give whatever you can, whatever you wish - I really appreciate your generosity.

- J

Luxembourg calling...

Sunday, January 01, 2006, posted by jon at 12:35 PM | 0 comments

Dear Luxembourg,

I notice that you've been visiting this site recently.

Are you the King or Queen? Do you know them?

Get in touch.

- J