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Wednesday, January 11, 2006, posted by jon at 10:07 PM | 0 comments

My journey from office back home takes 2 hours - it's not that the traffic is particularly bad, it's more to do with the fact that I live 110miles (180km) from work. No sympathy required. It does however allow plenty of time for thought and for catching up with friends on the phone as I go.

One such caller today was Nigel, a thoroughly top fellow who has recently taken to reading these pages. Nigel was suprised at my current list of sports for consideration and was concerned that I'd not given it quite enough thought yet. He was concerned that some of my sports could result in some personal injury.

In truth, I think Nigel was trying to be kind and trying to warn me away from Greco-Roman wrestling. He's seen me in the office and I think the vision of me-in-leotard was frightening even he, a friend. He warned me about "danger", "pain", "twisted limbs" when I think, secretly, he was most concerned about "leotard", "LEOtard" and "LEOTARD".

Anyway, I can see through the veiled warnings about dangerous Olympic sports. But it does appear that a quick Venn diagram might not be a bad step : All sports, Sports that I can do in 7 years time, Sports that are dangerous. From this, I mentally worked out that Archery and Shooting might still be go-ers. I'm informed that when you play with a county-standard player (such as Nigel - show off), a table-tennis ball can sting, but rarely draws blood.

Wise words.


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